Contract manufacturing

dpm is known for its reliable and rapid complete processing to satisfy high quality demands. Its product spectrum ranges from the production of individual parts to the series production of assemblies and machines. dpm’s in-house services include the machining of metals, as well as the coating and painting of parts and assembly. Switch cabinets, mechanical assemblies, complex machines with electrical controls, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies, etc. are all constructed at the 3,000 m² dpm production facility. It is possible to shift loads of up to 10 t here. dpm is also happy to perform commissioning at the customer’s site.

We also compile test and measurement reports upon request.

This machine list provides an overview of our performance spectrum:

CNC turning

Machine Field (LxWxH)
Mori Seiki SL253 (a. WKZ) up to ∅ 350mm x 1.000mm
Mori Seiki SL3 up to ∅ 200mm x 500mm
Okuma LVT300M up to ∅ 250 x 200mm

CNC milling

Machine Field (LxWxH)
Lagun GMC 6 up to 6.000mm x 1.500mm x 2.000mm
Hermle UWF 1130 (5A) up to 1.100mm x 720mm x 600mm; RT 800mm; WM 28
Kunzmann BA1000 up to 1020mm x 620mm x 610mm
Kunzmann BA1350 up to 1.350mm x 620mm x 810mm
Mikron VCE 800 pro (4A) up to 800mm x 500mm x 500m; WM24
Nicolas Correa up to 3.000mm x 1.200mm x 1.200mm
BAZ Heller BEA2 (4A) up to 800mm x 1.200mm x 1.200mm


Machine Field (LxWxH)
Okamoto (Flat grinding) up to 800mm x 420mm x 523mm

SMTW Eurogrinder (Circular grinding inside)

up to ∅ 200mm x 1.000mm

Jung Berlin D22 (Circular grinding inside) up to ∅ 150mm x 250mm


Machine Field (LxBxH)
MEBAeco 335 DGA 600 ∅ 90-300mm; Flach bis 500mm x 335mm
Trennjäger up to 140mm x 400mm
Jaespa up to 250mm x 330mm


Machine Field
Safety glass WIG, Elektro  
Demmeler-welding benches 4.400mm x 2.400mm and 2.000mm x 1.600mm


Machine  Field
  from 4mm up to 18mm


Machine  Field
LK G-90 C bis 1.000mm

div. measuting instruments on 5 and 4 axles CNC machines

Powder coating
Machine Field (LxBxH)
R.O.T up to 2.500mm x 2.000mm x 3.000mm