Corporate policy

In addition to the quality of our products, we also place great value on social and fair collaboration, the further development of the company and our products, and sustainability in all areas.

This has resulted in our corporate policy
Long-term collaboration & cooperative partnership with all our commercial partners

We maintain long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, and we also strive to do so with all new business partners. An efficient supply chain can only be established and the quality and transparency of the products can only be ensured by means of cooperative partnership and ongoing constructive communication with one another.

Fair treatment of one another

Cooperative partnership is one of our guiding principles. This unites us as a team and with our commercial partners, and also allows us to overcome major challenges with sporting ambition.

Innovation & technology

We are committed to innovation and technology, and we are aware of them daily when we offer the optimum solution for increasing technological demands and challenging customer requirements, be it through new developments or an existing concept.

The highest quality & satisfaction of employees and customers

With a broad spectrum of departments ranging from engineering to commissioning, we provide top quality and comprehensive controls because almost all components are developed and manufactured at the Aichstetten production site. By means of our flat hierarchy, lean processes and high regard for our employees, dpm enables efficient work with personal freedom.

Sustainability & environmental awareness

We place great value on sustainability and environmental awareness for our products and operational processes. As such, dpm generates its own electricity through solar power. We are also mindful to ensure the minimisation of waste and proper disposal.

Head office in Aichstetten, Germany


Our quality management

We are certified: DIN EN ISO 9001