Mechanical engineering

We are distinguished by our quality and precision. dpm fulfils all requirements with ease, from the development of complex machinery and systems to the production of components and up to assembly and commissioning. For more than 40 years, dpm has been developing and manufacturing customised products for complex requirements in the field of mechanical engineering.

Upon request, we manufacture parts quickly and precisely according to customer specifications. Our contract manufacturing encompasses nearly all areas of the machining spectrum, including sawing, turning, drilling, milling, welding, grinding and coating. We also offer to compile measurement and test reports. All of this allows dpm to satisfy customer wishes quickly and comprehensively.

We are able to demonstrate our years of expertise in the field of glass engineering, enabling us to fulfil specific requirements and demands in the glass sector bar none.

The development of custom solutions requires a high degree of know-how, motivation and team spirit, embodied by dpm employees. Furthermore, our comprehensive quality management system, guarantees the highest quality and customer satisfaction.